The following is most of the text of the letter I handed out to some leaders
and long time attenders at church, September 5th 2010

I’ve attended ________ most of my life, starting in 1967. I’m the son of _______. My mother taught
Sunday School for nearly 40 years, 30 years at ______ alone. However, she quit
teaching 4-5 year old children because of the crazy direction the pastors were leading her to
teach the Sunday School class. While she loved the children she taught, my mother would not
be part of putting the children through how Willow Creek or Saddleback church would
run things. She knew it was wrong. My aunt & uncle, ____________, were
involved with _____ as well. For years, they led the _______ Sunday school
and the _______ World Mission Booth. You might see these names on the
building or rooms here and there from building projects in the 70’s and 80’s.

Purpose of this letter: My wife & I have been upset with how things have
changed at _______. We are aware of many others upset too.
While there are many problems, we are especially upset that there’s so little Bible
teaching going on and, perhaps with the exception of _______, what teaching there
is falls in or is dangerously close to the category of “itching ears preaching.”
The pastors, as well as some key staff members, have been deceived by false teachers
into believing this is the way things should go. So much so that they are now planning
on spreading what they have learned and practiced to other churches & countries,
while continuing to ignore concerned Christians & scripture. Things that would never
have been done are being done now. There isn’t space here to detail much in this
short letter but are you aware that they recently played a portion of an AC/DC song to
start the _______ Service? The lyrics were not sung but trust me
“ You shook me all night long” should never be played in church.
Other churches following Willow Creek and Saddleback have done the same.

I’ve written and assembled a web page on entitled “A Charge Is More than a Command 2nd Timothy 4” detailing my
observations of the church services lately, Bible & book quotes & relevant links.
Please look at this web page if you can.
More importantly, I’ve come across an amazing podcast by Chris Rosebrough,
radio host, researcher. This audio exposes the
training arm of Saddleback church for what it is. You need to hear this, because it’s
very pertinent to how things are at _____ now. It explains how the pastors have
been taught by False Teachers who twist scripture and convince pastors to
ignore the Bible in hopes of winning souls <in the church>.

Sounds like a lie Satan would craft to get in the door doesn’t it?
What can be wrong with winning souls? That’s the disguise that this wolf in sheep’s
clothing has used to infiltrate, undermine and destroy the churches around the country.
Yes, Satan is willing to lose a few here and there if he can erode the church, and
he has through the efforts of Willow Creek, Saddleback and other willing accomplices.

Yes, some will point out that some people are accepting Jesus at church that might not
have come in the door otherwise. But we had more people accepting Jesus as their
Savior doing the Night of Death haunted house back in the 70's and 80’s and
without destroying the church and throwing out God’s way of doing things in the process.

This training seminar, that Chris Rosebrough plays clips from in his podcast, includes
how pastors should handle people (like me or dozens of others that have warned them)
who complain that this “new” thing, "new revelation" or “new teaching” is wrong. The audio explains how
pastors across the country have been enticed into “doing church for the un-churched” by
people like Bill Hybels of Willow Creek & Rick Warren from Saddleback in California.
Both of these men were personally mentored by the same man and have since been leading
churches like _______ astray. The audio clips are from the lead trainer of
Saddleback, Dan Southerland, who has trained more than 100,000 pastors and
church leaders the last 7 years alone. I don’t have space to go into
everything here but _______ is now also linked up with another church from
Oklahoma that is probably just as bad. Read webpage message about
Greg Groeschel if you can.

My name, phone number, email address and were also listed.


***NOTE: For those that don't know, the Night of Death haunted house
mentioned above, was an outreach effort where
we put people through a death experience, hell, and then a pastor
spoke briefly to them about hell being real and Jesus paid the price for
our sins so we won't go there, if we accept Him.
It was very effective, in fact, a local university paper's headline was,
"Night of Death will scare the hell out of you" and the article went on saying
it was the scariest haunted house they visited.