"O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together." ~ Psalm 34:3

          What is RC5 For Jesus?
          What is Distributed.net and RC5-72?
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Currently ranked 105th place among 4,932 registered teams April 2011
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 What is RC5 For Jesus?


Mission Statement
We are a team of Christians using our computers for God's glory.

RC5 For Jesus is a team of Christians participating in Distributed.net's RC5-72 computer challenge.  The team is made up of Christians seeking to put a Christian group and more importantly the name of Jesus on the often viewed Top 100 Teams List of this global computer processing challenge.  It is one of the few Christian teams in the entire challenge.

Our goal is to stay in the top 100 team standings, as well as to win the computing challenge. This is a needle-in-the-haystack, brute force, computer search that can take many years to complete. We use the challenge as a way to put the name of Jesus in front of others.
In addition, one can even put a small message on your own profile and perhaps point someone to a Christian website through the rankings which are viewed by others around the world. What a great, free way to advertise a message to a target audience, Unsaved Computer tech Nerds!
By having a highly ranked team, we hope to tell others about Jesus Christ.
We hope to get Christians around the world working together.
The members of RC5 For Jesus would like to invite you to join the team!

RC5 for Jesus team standings
There are over 4,932 computer teams involved in the project as of April 2011
As of April 2011 RC5 for Jesus ranked 105th place
As of January 2008 RC5 for Jesus ranked 100th place in overall project standings.
As of June 18, 2006 RC5 for Jesus ranked 93rd place.
As of August 22, 2005 RC5 for Jesus ranked 94th place
As of August 12, 2005 RC5 for Jesus ranked 95th place
As of July 22, 2005 RC5 for Jesus ranked 96th place
As of July 20, 2005 RC5 for Jesus ranked 97th place
As of July 13, 2005 RC5 for Jesus ranked 98th place
As of June 19, 2005, the team ranked 99th place.

A fast computer isn't required to participate
The computing challenge is not only for people with fast computers. Some members of the team have very slow machines or rarely turn them on. But everyone on the team contributes to the team standings, allowing the team to stay in the top 100. If you simply want to join for a week or two, or for longer, you'll be contributing to the team standings. The Distributed.net utility program does all the work, and you can set it and forget it or you can keep up on your progress and the team's standings every day. By participating, you'll probably understand a little more about your computer. Some people joining the challenge have found ways to speed up their computers or have discovered the reason why their computers always seemed slow before. (example: discovered and removed spyware and virus' on their machines) In my case, I found by using the RC5 client, that Adobe Version Cue CS2 was hogging 40% of the CPU when allowed to be on as well as was the cause for the slow bootup of the PC. I tracked down the problem and turned this "helper" application off when not needed and boosted the PC processing dramatically!

The computing challenge explained
The Distributed.net computer challenge involves a search that would take a single computer perhaps 2 million years to complete on it's own. However, if the search was split among two million computers, it would take only a year to complete the same task. Splitting a problem out to many computers to solve is referred to as Distributed Computing. Since it will take many years to complete, to make the project more interesting, daily statistics are compiled per individual and individuals can join teams contributing their processing totals toward the team they designate. Team standings and individual standings are available at www.distributed.net.Under the statistics section for RC5-72

The project we are working on makes use of a small utility program that uses only the idle cpu cycles that would otherwise go to waste. Many computers will search through 12 to 100 million keys a second, looking for the hidden message. A number of IT professionals use this utility program as a benchmarking tool to evaluate various hardware platforms for speed. In addition to the value it provides as a benchmarking tool, the project contributes to the general knowledge of computers, processing, networking and IT security. Note: Do not install the application on computers you are not authorized to use.

Only your computer idle time is used for processing.
A knowledge of computers or the internet isn't required to participate. This is a distributed computing power challenge designed to use the idle computer processing power of participants computers toward a useful purpose. You only need to download and install a small program, which will process parts of the current challenge. The source code to the program is freely downloadable to review if you choose and it does not contain or install spyware nor virus'. The Distributed.net client program uses only the computer's idle time, so when you want to use your computer, the program will automatically get out of your way and not affect your computer speed whatsoever.

Computer idle time can be used - How fast is your computer?
You may be surprised at how much computer processing time is not being used while your computer is on. Unless you are performing intense operations such as video graphics work on your computer, there is probably a big chunk of processing going to waste every second your computer is running. It is common for a computer to have 90-99% of useful processing power simply going to waste every second the computer is on. Your computer simply counts sheep when there is nothing else to do. Most computers can count at least 9 to 100 million "sheep" each second. In the screenshot image below the idle process time is at 99%:
idle process
During the previous RC5 Challenge our group ranked high in the team standings. - RC5-64, the RC5 for Jesus team ranked 100th on September 26, 2002
            105th when key was found on July 14, 2002
RC5-72: Click here for current stats

 What is Distributed.net and RC5-72?


As a "loosely knit" group of computer users from all over the world, we take up
challenges and run projects which require a lot of computing power. We solve these
by distributing the CPU power needed over the computers of our members.*

Simply put, if you needed a password or special phrase, you could make your computer try every possible combination.  However, that would take a while.  You would either have to use a faster computer, or more computers. This is what Distributed.net is attempting to accomplish.  The Goal is to find the message first hidden in the RC5-72 encryption key.  Distributed.net has created a client program which runs on your computer.  It only runs on idle processes, so basically when your computer is not in use.  The client downloads a section of combinations, and tries them all.  It then returns the results back to Distributed.net.  That's all!  Sound easy and fun?  It is!  More information is available on the Distributed.net FAQ Page.

Incidentally, the distributed.net mascot is a cowhead , simply because cow's eat hay as in a "needle-in-the-haystack search"
*Borrowed from the Distributed.net FAQ Page

Press / Articles:
    Search for Extra Terrestrials -- or Extra Cash -- Dallas News
    Distributed Computing puts the Net to work -- Washington Post
    Another Facet of the Internet Revealed -- Univ. Cincinnati's News Record

 Quick Step-by-Step Guide to Joining


For more information, visit the Distributed.net FAQ.

Quick Guide

1. Download a Distributed.net client appropriate to your
OS and platform here.

2. Install it on your system, and configure it how you
like. You'll mainly want to make sure you enter your e-mail
address properly. 
3. After you get the client configured, you may want to add

a shortcut to the client in the StartUp menu (if you're running
Windows) so it'll always run when you start your computer.
After the client completes at least one packet, right-click the
window and update the buffers.  That'll make sure you get into
the next stats run.  The next day, after the stats run completes,
usually around 10:00 PM (PST), do a participant search at
http://stats.distributed.net/projects.php?project_id=8 for the email address
that you configured the client with.  Click the link on the
results page that follows, and you should be at your stats page.

4. At the bottom of the page, click the button that says "Please

email me my password", and you should get an email in a few
minutes with your password in it.

5. With your e-mail address and password in hand, go
to the joining link above, and join. Or, just go to the team's

stats page and click on the "I want to join this team!" link
at the bottom.

6. Once you've the client options set,
you can just let the client do its job -- you don't have
to do anything further with it.
  Keep in mind that by default,

the program will run at the lowest priority, so it won't interfere
with everything else you do with the computer.

The following is a screenshot of the client program, normally you'll have it minimized:
distributed client

What's Next
After getting all that done, you can check how the team's doing compared to the other teams, and also how you're doing among the other members of the team.   The password for the members list can be obtained by emailing either me at shy24@hawaii.rr.com or the team coordinator, jakin@execpc.com.  In addition to checking statistics, RC5 For Jesus is always in search of new members.  If you have a web site and would like to advertise your membership in RC5, we would love to have you link to us.

< !-- Begin RC5 For Jesus Banner Code #1-->
<center><a href="http://home.hawaii.rr.com/shy24/"><img src="http://home.hawaii.rr.com/shy24/alltheworld.gif"
alt="RC5 For Jesus, the Christian Distributed.net Team!">
<br><font size="6">RC5 For Jesus</a><center>
< !-- End RC5 For Jesus Banner Code #1 -->

It should look like this:

RC5 For Jesus



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Distributed.net home page
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RC5-72 Statistics Pages
RC5 For Jesus Summary Page
Top 100 Teams (RC5-72)

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